Tribhuvankirti Ras

Tribhuvankirti Ras


Textual Reference :-Rasachandashu


  • Productive Cough And cold
  • Antipyretic
  • Chronic sinusitis And headach
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Paraplegia



1-2 Tabs twice a day or

As directed by physician

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Each 125 mg Contains:-

Sr .No Ingredients Quantity
Local Name Latin name
1 Shudha Hingul (Shudha) Cinnabar 17.86   Mg
2 Shudha Bachang Aconitum chasmanthum 17.86   Mg
3 Sutha Zingiber officinale 17.86   Mg
4 Meere Piper Nigrum 17.86   Mg
5 Pimpali Piper Longum 17.86   Mg
6 Pimpal Mool Piper Longum 17.86   Mg
7 Shudha Tankan (shudha ) Borax 17.86   Mg
Triturated with decoction/juices
8 Tulasi Oscimum Sanctum Q.S
9 Adrak Zingiber Officinale Q.S
10 Dhotra Datura Alba Q.S
Weight 1 kg

60 Tablets


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